28 Jun

How doctors can make a great medical consultation online

The Covid-19 global pandemic led professionals from different sectors to adapt the routine they were used to and to remodel their businesses very quickly. In the health area, the challenge is great as to fight the new coronavirus, online medical consultation was released by the federal government and medical clinics had to act quickly to be able to offer this service safely.

Although most doctors were already accustomed to doing some type of care remotely, whether through messaging applications, e-mail, or even telephone, having to fully adopt the way of attending is challenging. This is because an online medical consultation requires not only a differentiated preparation, but also to be supported by technological tools and quality services that guarantee the security of the data exchanged between doctor and patient. 

In this text, we will present tips for you to safely expand your services. We list the main points that guarantee a quality online medical consultation.

Tips for making a great online medical consultation

Having a good online medical consultation requires some care and points of attention.

Appropriate environment 

Although the consultation is at a distance, it is important that the patient feels in an office. To do this, prepare meticulously the scene that will appear at the bottom of your screen, it is important that he gives a professional image and does not have elements that can steal the attention of the conversation. You can perform the service inside the office, but you may also have to prepare the environment for home office service. 

Besides, online consultation requires preparation that involves not only the physical environment but also a professional presentation and proper clothing.


At the end of the consultation, make a summary with the patient clearly and objectively about what was said and go over the guidelines again. Make a checklist to ensure that he/she understood everything that was talked about. Before ending the service, make sure that no doubts remain unanswered.


When you notice any difficulty in attendance due to the lack of physical examination or any sign of seriousness, you should refer the patient to a face-to-face consultation. Remember that online medical consultation is an alternative for situations that can be resolved remotely, and in some cases, face-to-face contact will be paramount.

Preparation for care

Before attending to the patient, check his electronic medical record. If he/she has already performed any service, the tool will show the history and exams already performed. This will help you establish greater closeness during service. 

For this to be possible, it is essential to use a platform capable of integrating patient data. Before hiring a service, check if the researched company offers this solution.

Quality Internet 

Although it may seem obvious, when the challenge is to promote a digital transformation in the clinic to start an online medical consultation, often the professional starts looking for a telemedicine platform first and forgets the main thing: the quality of the internet. It is important to seek a fiber-optic service, as it offers a more stable connection. Signal fluctuation can compromise your service and it is also important to look for a speed that runs video without difficulty.

Encrypted system 

One of the greatest concerns of patients and the medical profession itself when discussing the practice of telemedicine is to preserve the confidentiality of the information exchanged between doctor and patient. This is because in the digital environment, you need a secure system to ensure that this data is preserved. Therefore, when hiring a service, check if it offers end-to-end encryption, that is, it encrypts all messages exchanged between doctor and patient.

Tele-consultation platform

 In addition to the good internet signal, a good online medical consultation depends on the quality of the platform you will use. Therefore, to perform a good service you need to be well supported technologically. The tip for not falling into a service that leaves you hanging out is to research the company that offers the platform before hiring it. See if it is a reference and already has recognition in the area of ​​innovation. 

It is also important to check if it offers: 

  • Online prescription: issue of digital prescription that is valid throughout the national territory. 
  • Data security: for data transmission and storage; Integration with other platforms and services that allow you to have access to all patient data in one place, such as online medical records and tests performed.
  • Agile service: professionals available anytime you need.
  • Artificial intelligence: there are solutions, such as that of Portal Telemedicine, that have machine learning algorithms embedded in their system capable of detecting signs of diseases, such as Covid-19, in exams such as X-rays and CT scans and prioritizing emergencies.


A good online medical consultation depends, in part, on your commitment to deal with this new way of attending and your empathy with the patient. Besides, the technology you use will also be a differentiator. 

Therefore, before expanding your service, look for a platform that not only meets everything you need to ensure data security and connection stability, but that is also intuitive and of good usability. It is very important that you easily master the use of this tool so that, during the consultation, you can fully focus on the patient. If the system is complex and impractical, the difficulty of handling can take your attention away from the service.



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